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August 10, 2012
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Standing Alone- Sasuke x Reader

Sasuke was now alone; completely. After he had ditched Suigetsu and Jugo in the Iron land, and then leaving Karin for dead, he was now alone. No team to cover his back, no friends to count on; nothing.

And that suited him just fine. No team, no friends? Well that just meant no distractions from what he knew he had to do. But that still hadn't stopped a burning hole from being seared into his chest where he had guessed his heart used to be. Because being completely alone also meant that he had nobody there to talk to, no body to comfort him in his time of need, and nobody to care for and be cared for in return.

But all that didn't matter. He couldn't care, because caring would only cause problems. It would mean that there was just one more person out there that would leave him; one more person who would be in harm's way, one more person to hurt him, one more person to die.

So Sasuke drew away from the world, closing himself off. He vowed to never let anyone in; never again.  And he kept good on that promise, that is, until he met a young girl.
She had been cast away from society, much like himself. He had found her in the woods outside of a small village. The town's people had called her a witch or a demon. They said she was unholy, born from a product of rape and violence. They said she had killed her own mother before she was even born, condemning her sweet mother to a life of solitude and exile. And when her mother had died from a mysterious illness, they threw her away like she was nothing.

How did Sasuke come upon her?

Well he was injured and wondered into her forest. It had been days since he had eaten anything, and he had been feeling quite fatigued. He made refuge inside of a hollow tree, shielding himself from a harsh rain that had been falling. That's when he had first seen her. At first he thought he had been just imaging things. After all there had been no signs of any life in the forest for days. Not even a bird or small animal for him to eat. But there had been a flash of (color) in the rain that looked to be in the form of a girl. And before he blacked out, he remembered a pair of eyes so dark it scared him a bit.

When he had finally come to, he hadn't been inside the log, but instead he had been in a warm bed. The light smell of fire and smoke filled his nose, and instantly he tensed. He had no idea where he had been, or why he was there. But something just felt off.

But when he opened his eyes, he was only met with the sight of wood. A fire place had been lit and there had been a pot over the stove, but nothing else.  The small cot he laid on was hard, and he had been cover with a warm animal pelt.

Sasuke sat up, his eyes scanning every inch of the cabin. A boom of thunder from outside brought his attention to the door. It had been cracked open ever so slightly. Only enough as to where he could barely see the downpour of rain outside.

Getting to his feet, he made his way over to the door, pushing it open. And that's when he saw her. Her (long/short)(colored) hair had been matted to her face as she stood out in the open. Her clothing was drenched, clinging to her figure. Her eyes had been strewn shut, her head tilted towards the sky.

And for some reason, Sasuke had begun to worry; which in turn just made him angry.

"Hey, you're going to catch your death out there." He grunted. Sharp (color) eyes snapped in his direction. And in that moment Sasuke had regretted it.  She didn't have to say a word, her eyes spoke of everything. The pain and betrayal she had felt, her sadness and anger, and even her apprehension of his being there.  And he couldn't help but feel like he had been responsible for all that pain.

So he did something he had said he would never do again.

He hugged her.

And although he would never admit it, he had actually started to cry, standing there in the rain holding a girl he had never met before.
My part of an art trade with :icondaydreamingangel2:. I really hope you like this!

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